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Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Autumn Patio Refresh

Summer has come to an end and with the kids back to school we wanted to show you how to get your patio autumn ready. Because, why not squeeze every last bit out of the season before winter comes?! You may recognize our furniture from our summer patio blog post. We wanted to show you how to take your existing core pieces and transition it into fall.

Let’s "pumpkin spice" up our outdoor living space! When we think of fall, we think of cuddling up next to a fire with a warm chai under a cozy blanket in the crisp air as we admire the coloured leaves.

The nights will start to get cooler and the days shorter, we recommend having a few cute and cozy blankets.

Smaller accessories can really transform a space and change the feel. Try adding some lanterns for ambiance. Adding a basket to hold blankets is also a great idea for fall. We chose a neutral fringe blanket as natural tones go well with the warm brown, mustard and burnt amber colours we associate with fall.

We also switched out the rug from the summer blog post to a more neutral one. If you are not able to or wanting to switch your outdoor rugs you can always choose a neutral colour that will transition well through our 4 seasons. Depending on how festive you are feeling you can add gourds and pumpkins next to your planters too! What screams fall more than pumpkins and pumpkin spice? For added texture and colour, chrysanthemums are a classic flower for your fall planter and they come in a variety of colours and are hardy enough to handle the cooler weather. Marigolds, pansies or cabbage are another great choices.

If you decide to follow our tips for the outdoor transition into fall, don't forget to share! @lj_designco.

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