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How to Pick the Perfect Side Table

It can be easy to overlook your side tables. They are an accent piece but play an important role in the function of your room. We've put together some important things to consider when selection your side tables for any space!

Be sure to measure

First things first, consider the size of your space! You want the side table height to be just below the arm of the chair or sofa next to it. Also make sure that the table does not interrupt the flow around your room. Consider the size and shape to compliment the furniture around it and make sure that it's not so large that it restricts walking and flow around the piece.

Mix & Match

If you plan to have more than one side table in your space, we recommend not getting a matching set unless they are large ends that help anchor the space. Having pieces that are different shape, size or texture makes you design more interesting. Don't be afraid to mix and match!


Another important aspect to consider when selecting a side table is how will you use it. For example, will you be wanting to fit just a lamp on your table or a lamp, books, and a candle? Or do you want a small side table to place your drink or snack? Consider the material too for durability when you make your selection. Will the table require coasters? If you want more storage, a table with drawers or that is tiered might be a good option for you. Not only can an end table be a small detail to add an interesting mix of elements or shape, but it is a practical addition to any space. Don't forget to think about how it will function for you!

With so many options out there, don't be afraid to shake it up and add interest through shape and texture, and don't forget to consider function! As always, if you need help with your design selections, we are happy to help. We have a wide range of vendors to help you find the pieces that work best in your space.

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