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Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Sometimes it's nice to create a moody vibe in small areas of your home.

Hits of dark decor can be grounding for the space, and when used strategically, will enhance your room's appearance. Today we are showing you how we gave our console a moody look.

Our console has a black wood stain. Black is a nice neutral shade that will ground the space. Now that we have our base we can start layering our decor.

We started with a large landscape art print. This gives us a lovely backdrop for the rest of our decor. Consider the size and height of this piece when selecting it. You will want it to fill the space enough that the overall composition doesn't feel short and undersized.

We thought the subject and colours of this print were perfect for setting the "mood"!

The large storm clouds with dark hills and deep orange base give some colour and bring depth to the entire vignette.

Layered on top we chose to put our LJ Living Bee Print. Layering your art is another great way to achieve depth. When considering the subject matter of the layered art, try to select pieces with coordinating colours, but don't be afraid to mix subject matter and styles. Here, we've chosen to go with a more graphic piece in contrast to the painterly print it sits against.

In front of the Bee Print we placed our black Paulina Wood Tray. The dark tray on the dark console helps us to achieve this moody look. The colour of the tray does not contrast against the table, it just acts as a textural object on top. On the tray we've placed our light wood Stevie Chain. This chain placed on the Paulina tray pops because of the contrasting colours, allowing the tray to also stand out more than it would have without the chain. We love how the wood tone of the chains pulls out the honey ochre colour in the artwork behind.

Moving to the left side we used our Iconic Vase to add height and visual weight to help balance the left side of the table. The greenery of the dried eucalyptus adds an earthy pop of colour, brings a new texture to the vignette and pulls some of the green tones out of the painting behind. To achieve our medium and low heights we've placed our LJ Design Co. Candle in the scent Amber Driftwood on our "Put Me On a Pedestal" wood carved pedestal. Our pedestal is a great way to give added height and layers to your display. Adding a candle is always a personal fave as it creates ambiance and is the icing on the cake of a moody console set up. And don't forget the added touch of a Candle Snuffer!

We hope that this will inspire you in styling your own moody console!

We would love to see the pictures of how you put together your own console.

Tag us at #LJloves !

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