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Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Lighting plays a massive role in design. In this blog we "shed some light" on lighting and why it is so important. There are 3 types of lighting. General or Ambient, Accent and Task.


Ambient lighting is meant to provide uniform light throughout a space. This light is distinct from any other lighting that targets certain areas of the room. Some examples of ambient lighting include pot lights or table and floor lamps.

Consider adding pot lights to your project and don't forget to put them on dimmers!

If you intend to have a plug in table lamp or floor lamp, consider installing floor mounted receptacles to allow for them to be placed in the room without tripping on cords.

In the BWHF Dream Home Kitchen, we've used both pot lights and flush lights to light up the space.

Ambient lighting doesn't have to be boring! Here we've used flush lights as part of a wood and beam ceiling treatments to give the entrance of the BWHF Dream Home entry hall. These decorative ambient fixtures provide light in the space and add great character to the entry.

In a bedroom, consider a decorative ceiling fixture to light the room and bedside lamps to add lighting at a lower height.


Targeted to a specific area, the task lights are intended to illuminate a certain activity or function. Examples of this are lighting over a kitchen sink or bathroom vanity. Areas where a task is to be performed benefit from task lighting.

Here we've added a cluster pendant off to the side of the main bathroom vanity to create an interesting asymmetrical design while also providing light over the vanity.

Vanity lighting isn't limited to a linear sconce above the mirror. Try changing things up with a pendant! Here, with the placement of the transom window, we've selected a simple linear pendant hanging in front of the window.

In this powder room, the lighting does not need to be bright. We've selected a task light with only two bulbs and opaque shades. It gives off just enough light to light the space, and allows for the bold wallpaper to be the star of the show.


Accent lighting is a great way to showcase features you want to emphasize. This can really play up the drama of the space and play an important role in your overall design. It is important to pre-plan necessary electrical rough in elements at the construction phase.

We love to use pictures lights to highlight art and create a special moment on a shelf or a wall. A simple laundry room in this example at the BWHF Dream Home is elevated by the lighting.

With the popularity of open shelving, why not try lighting it! It will permit you to really showcase the objects that they are holding and creates another special design moment in your home. We love putting lighting like this on a dimmer for beautiful low level lighting in the evening.

It is important to have all 3 forms of lighting in your space. Having a well-lit space will enhance the atmosphere and improve the overall use of the space. You may notice that in older homes they are lacking in general lighting. It can feel very dark in your living room when relying on only natural light and floor/table lamps.

We hope you'll find this review of the different types of lighting useful! Don't forget to use them all in your home project!

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