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Arrange your Spring Table - See our tips and Tricks!

Happy Easter!

Here is some LJ Design co. inspiration to get you excited for your family gathering for Easter and into the spring!

Come Dine with Me:

The Place Setting

Start with a charger:

The base to each setting is a charger or placemat. This is a chance to add texture and colour and really warm up the setting.

Don't be afraid to mix it up:

Mix and match your dishware! Matching sets always look nice but it can be more interesting to switch it up and mix and match your pieces. Our salad dish has a unique pattern to add another layer of texture to the design. Another way to mix it up is with colour. You can pair a plain white plate with a coloured desert/side dish for a pop of colour.

The Utensils:

Another chance to make a statement is with your utensils. These black utensils add the perfect amount of contrast.

The Napkin:

Our simple linen patterned napkin is a nice textural backdrop to the setting. There are many ways to fold your napkin. We chose to place it under the utensils.

The Glassware:

When it comes to glassware, it's best to have as many glasses as you will different types of drinks. For example we have a water glass and a wine glass in our place setting, but you could always add a champagne glass if it suits you.

The Garnish:

Last but certainly not least, garnish it all with your choice of greenery to complete the design!

There you have a gorgeous setting to place for all your special guests!

Front and Center:

The Centerpiece

Want to up your table setting game and leave an impression on your guests? Add a centerpiece! The Center piece truly completes the entire table scape.

The Runner:

A runner is a definite must have! It is placed down the center on the table anchors the pieces you will place on top, pulling everything together.

The Tray:

As an added layer of interest, a tray is a great idea, it acts as a landing spot for the rest of your items.

Styling the Tray:

When placing pieces on the tray, layering heights will create balance. Clusters of odd numbers look best. 3, 5, 7. We recommend using 3 items for your centerpiece as to not over crowed the table. Varying materials and textures allow you to have a well-rounded design. You don't want everything to blend, each piece can compliment the next without getting too matchy.

The Florals:

Add your favourite spring florals or greenery for in the pitcher or vase that you've placed on your tray, If you have a green thumb, you could even use real flowers cut from the garden for an added personal touch! For a fresh, spring look, use pastels and light neutrals.

Now, step back and enjoy your completed table scape with your guests!



Shop the Look

Don't forget to inquire with LJ Design co. if you'd like help putting together your table or would like to purchase any of the items pictured here!

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