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6 Reasons Why It's Good To Hire An Interior Designer

You may have been considering a remodel or refresh for your home lately wondering if you should hire an interior designer. All of the facets of an interior design project can be overwhelming and you may be at the point now where you’re feeling like you may need some assistance! Or, maybe you want your home to be a top notch wow-worthy space and you’d like to enlist the help of a pro to get you there!

Here are 6 reasons why it’s an excellent idea to hire an interior designer so you can take some of the work off of your own plate and enjoy the process of making your home the home of your dreams!

1. Keeps the project on track, saving you money and time

Costs can add up quickly when you’re working on a project, especially if you’re doing any sort of remodeling or a build from scratch. With so many decisions to be made, doing a project on your own will most likely lead to costly mistakes that could be avoided with the help of an interior designer. Are you making the best use of your space? What if you select the perfect light, but the rough in is for one light, and you wanted two sconces! Do you even have room for two sconces? Does your tile pattern and positioning work with the cut outs in your shower? What about furnishings? Have you ever chosen a sofa that looked so perfect in the store but then you got it home and it didn’t fit in the room or maybe you couldn’t even get it in the doorway? Or have you ever painted your walls what appeared to be gray, but the lighting in your home made it appear purple? These are common mistakes! If you don’t know what to ask, how can you be expected to anticipate potential issues. Bringing a designer onto the project can help you to avoid countless mistakes just like these.

Budgeting for a project is a science and takes a lot of planning and monitoring to ensure the project is on track. Each space has its unique set of challenges to work with. We’ve done this so much that we are able to see potential issues before they happen. This is just something we can take off your plate, so you can have fun during the process instead of feeling stressed! We’ll create a plan of action early on in the project, something that the trades and everyone involved can stick to. The last thing you want is to have a communication break down and then need to redo things or be stuck with something that wasn’t executed to your liking. The involvement of a designer will ensure that everything is completed on time and to your liking.

2. Ensures the Project is appropriately managed

As we mentioned above, a design project requires many steps. With so many moving parts, having someone to make sure the work is getting done well and everyone is doing their job can be very important. We want to, of course, make sure that everyone involved has the proper information to do their jobs, and everything is running as planned, without any hiccups. Because there are so many people involved on a reno project (designer, contractor, sometimes an architect, and dozens of the items sourced) it’s great to have a designer to handle all of the project management requirements. We will function as the liaison, as we have built excellent relationships with any other professionals involved in the process. We have built up our home-improvement industry contacts that we can bring in for the project, depending on your unique needs.

3. Trained eye, seeing all the details

If you want that professional look, it’s important to bring in a trained eye. Interior designers are very good at pulling all of the little details together like making sure everything looks cohesive and that everything in the space is balanced and beautiful. You likely have not experienced first hand how much actually needs to be selected for a project and it’s always many more details than you’d expect! An interior designer can help you to reinvent the space, both how it flows and works for your family, as well as how it looks. There are a multitude of selections and decisions to consider. Everything from paint to cabinet details, hardware, trim, tile and everything in between, we take care of for you. Designers are trained to see the whole picture and how things will flow from not only piece to piece but from room to room, ensuring that you have a perfectly cohesive look that is perfect for the space and your family to use.

4. Create a space that functions

One of the most important things in design that is often overlooked or undervalued is functionality! If you design a kitchen that doesn’t function, that isn’t going to be good! There are so many moving parts to consider and I’ve seen so many painful mistakes like drawers that aren’t able to open up all the way because of poor space planning or a layout that just really doesn’t make sense for the way you and your family live your home. Designers will plan out every single small detail, from layout to installation. Nothing is overlooked, leaving you with a personalized, beautiful AND functioning space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come!

5. Shopping, sourcing and ordering and order tracking is all done for you

How many times have you been looking for the perfect countertop material or furniture item and you search and search but just can’t seem to find the right fit? Designers are excellent at finding unique products that are perfect for your project, like one-of-a-kind pieces and things that you may not be able to find on your own. The best part is, we can find stuff that not everyone has access to, and if you want, can find items you just can’t find from retail sources. Your home isn’t going to look like anyone else’s and that’s pretty cool! We are pros at making sure all your items arrive at your house on schedule, after we have placed the orders. We (or maybe a receiver depending on the project) are responsible for looking over every item and making sure there has been no damage in transit. If something is wrong with your order, we take care of the steps that go along with getting you the correct item (s).

6. No need to spin your wheels, running store to store - a designer will curate selections tailored to your specific needs

We have access to so many unique options out there from all over the world - no need for the same old! It’s great to have options but wading through them to understand quality and how they’ll function for your needs can become very daunting. I’m an expert at selecting the perfect items tailored to you. We’ll ask about how your family lives in the space, your furniture preferences like cushion firmness, arm height, preferred comfort level and seat depth. All things are taken into account and we will come up with solutions customized just for you! Pretty cool, right? We are in the age of technology where ordering online or from custom samples without seeing the piece first is very common. Let us help you navigate the process with guidance on quality and style to fit your unique needs.

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